Cargogroup Logistics facilities at Athens

Cargo Group created a Greek hub point for INTERSPORT (Greek company, member of Fourlis Group) to supply its products from abroad to the foreign markets of Romania, Turkey, Cyprus and Bulgaria, where it operates, along with the Greek market.

n this way the company managed to simplify the handling processes of the above markets combining all cargoes and offering a more efficient management of their means of transport. The benefits for INTERSPORT were manifold:

  • Totally predetermined and controlled costs
  • Significant cost savings
  • Financial benefits
  • Reduced storage costs and time
  • More accurate stock control
  • Faster delivery to the final destination
  • On time deliveries in relation to the actual availability of the product for the final consumer

Seeing customer needs as an opportunity to develop new products aiming at flexibility, cost reduction and the best service of the market, Cargo Group designs and implements solutions to maximize the value of services provided.

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c t p a t certification

a e o certification 

iso 22000

transport and logistics award 2014

transport and logistics award 2015


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