In terms of Groupage, the company offers comprehensive coverage of imports and exports through Express Groupage (imports) services and Singapore Express (exports). We ensure direct and economic Groupage (guaranteed processing of cargoes within 2 working days of arrival of the ship). We cover six ports of China and, through Singapore, all Asia, Eastern Africa, Oceania and West Coast of America destinations, covering 350 locations around the globe!

Both Groupage services are ideally placed for the countries of the Balkans and Central Europe, as they can offer lower fares and shorter transit times compared to other forwarding hubs. It is possible to combine cargo groupage from different ports in the same container (buyer's consolidation), while all cargoes undergo loading inspections and are insured.

Overall, we cover 350 locations around the globe!




c t p a t certification

a e o certification 

iso 22000

transport and logistics award 2014

transport and logistics award 2015


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